Acting/Modeling/Entertainment Headshots, Portfolios and Publicity Photography

Acting/Modeling/Entertainment Headshots, Portfolios and Publicity Photography:

Unlike traditional portraiture, Publicity Photography is a very specialized style of portraiture. Beyond just a pretty picture, it is your primary working tool as an actor, model or entertainer. One that you will use to entice Casting Directors or Photo Producers to want to meet and possibly hire you. Your headshot or comp will be among literally hundreds of others that will be viewed during any given casting call and it has to make an instant connection with the viewer or it is put in the reject pile.

While not everyone is right for every role or look that is being cast, if you do fit what the Casting Director is looking for, you want them to see that ‘certain sparkle’ in your eyes that makes them think, “yeah I want to see this person.” That is where we come in. At Renar Photography, we specialize in working with you to get an award winning look, a believable, inviting sparkle in your eyes that says a thousand words about you before you even begin your audition.

Think about when you meet someone for the first time. When you look into their eyes, what do you see? Do their eyes actually reflect what the rest of their face is saying? That is what we concentrate on, creating a genuine, believable look that will make others want to meet you in person. From there, it is up to you to knock their socks off with a great audition and your winning personality.

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